Modelling Stars

Are you ready to take your decorations to the next level? Like the stars in the sky, modelling stars will make your decorations shine even brighter! They are very easy to do yet very rewarding when done correctly. You will only need around a minute to craft them.


We will be using modelling balloons which are available in standard, mirror (chrome) and macaron (pastel) colors and as they are very flexible and built just for this purpose. Inflate the balloons to about %65 using a hand pump, be careful not to fully inflate them because in that case you will have excess parts that you cannot remove. Create 4 equally sized globes by twisting the modelling balloons. After you have created 5 different blocks of consisting of 4 equal globes, cut off the excess parts from the uninflated end and tie them together with the help of the balloons necks. Lastly, arrange your blocks into a star shape and your beautiful star is ready to go!

(In case of a confusion you can watch our tutorial video!)

Tutorial Video

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